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Jan 20th


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Hokkaido Boat Abstracts

duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-2 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-6 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-5 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-4duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-1Halfway through this last trip to Hokkaido my brain needed a break from all the white, elegant, graphic stuff. Beautiful, to be sure, but I needed something tangental, something different. In part, I think, I wanted something manmade, probably longed for some colour as well. What I found in the old boat yards, the boats all up on blocks, some for just the winter, some – one sensed – for the rest of their lives, was exactly what I needed. Layers of paint, and fiberglass patches, combined with years of salt water, and the push of waves to create some amazing patterns, colourful accidental, wabi-sabi. Some of the images are just tightly framed, literal photographs, some are double exposures (made in-camera with my Fuji XT-1), and some include camera motion. All of them, I think, made by a collaboration between the fishermen who own and maintain these boats, the water and weather in which they ply their trade, and my own craft. Some try to conjure up the waves and rhythms of the sea, some are just a recognition of beauty in the colours and patterns.

Click the top image and it’ll get larger and you can scroll through them from there. duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-3 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-9 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-8 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-7 duChemin-Hokkaido-abstract-10

Sep 30th


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Vision is Still Better

Several years ago I was asked if I’d consider doing something like a yearbook for my blog – a curated compilation of the best stuff, minus the posts where I introduce a new book or workshop – so that people could access my stuff offline in an easy-to-read kind of way. Vision Is Better, the […]

Sep 30th


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Bodies of Work

Another question from my recent Q&A on Facebook. Some of the questions needed more time and space to answer, this is one of those: How do develop from taking random images to working on projects? What makes a good project? When is it finished? First, I think it’s important to recognize that there are no […]

Sep 18th


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A Bigger Story

Dusk. Fogo Island, Newfoundland. 2014 Do you know why Apple succeeds the way it does? OK, aside from sexy products? They tap into something bigger than technology. Sure, they’re a technology company, and you either love them or hate them, but they aren’t selling phones or computers. They’re selling a narrative. They’re selling Think Different. […]

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