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Oct 20th


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Back in (and from) Banff


I got back from two and a half months on the road just in time to get a last minute invitation from friends Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka to join them in Banff for a workshop. Emergency laundry. Flights booked – my first in over 8 months. And then 3 long days teaching in some of the most beautiful places in Canada, if not the world. Now I’m home, tired, and really happy to have been a part of something so great, surrounded by wonderful people and wilderness. It’s the first workshop I’ve been a part of for a while and watching thirty photographers play, abandon the rules, and make room from wonder instead of just asking what f/stop to use, was inspiring to me. We spent hours talking, mostly informally, about the real work of the photographer – to be present, to be mindful, and to ever-conscious of the visual language. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome back to the west. After so long in the Jeep it was nice to get outside my own head a while.

And now I’m back, the pile of errands and emails and business tasks before me, and all I really want to do it be up to my knees in water photographing a sunrise. Lots to do in the coming month before my next trip – two weeks with Polar Bears on Hudson’s Bay. This is the stuff people forget when they’re making their plans to “go pro” – the reality that our day to day is filled with work that’s almost completely unrelated to the making of photographs. It’s still creative work, or it should be if we’re to put our stamp on it, but it’ll now be a month before I look at a camera.

A quick thank you to everyone who bought the 5DayDeal package through me. I know we promote a lot of educational products, most them our own, but this one was too good not to pass up. On top of some great value, the crew that put this thing together (not me) raised almost $200,000 for some worthwhile charities. We ourselves will be sending $10,000 each to the Boma Project and the Kilgoris Project, and I know they’re going to do amazing things with that among people I love. So thank you. Affiliate sales are tricky, but I hope my being up front about these things, and promising to only promote what I believe in, and what I would buy myself, will keep it from feeling icky. It’s also part of how I make my living and support the team that works for me, so thank you.

20141019-Banff-20 20141017-Banff-52

Oct 17th


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Study the Masters: Ansel Adams

    Monolith, The Face of Half Dome, Ansel Adams. “I had been able to realize a desired image: not the way the subject appeared in reality but how it felt to me and how it must appear in the finished print” When I started this series I knew I was going to have to write […]

Oct 15th


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The Best Deal in Education Ever

Today is the first day of the 5 Day Deal, an idea I like so much I’ll be kicking myself for years for not thinking it up myself. Here’s the deal: a bunch of photographic educators -some of the best on the planet, like Gavin Gough, and Zack Arias –  bundled some of their best […]

Oct 10th


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Forget Jumping.

Here’s another Q&A from The Big Q. This time we’re talking about making the jump from full-time job to full-time photographer. If you’ve got questions you’d like answered, I’d love to help: leave them in the comments. Q: When you first made your decision to become a full time adventurer/humanitarian photographer what scared you the […]

Oct 7th


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Issue 9 of PHOTOGRAPH has just been released and it rocks. It’s a brand new format, making it much more readable on devices like the iPad, and completely re-designed. It’s also the first in our third year (THREE YEARS!), and with this we’re moving from a quarterly magazine to bi-monthly. 6 great issues a year. […]