Antarctica: That’s a Wrap!

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Well, that’s a wrap. I’m sitting in Houston awaiting a flight to Toronto, then one more to Ottawa. I left Antarctica on Wednesday and with the Drake Passage and flights, it’s so far taken 4 days to get home. But what a trip! I hope I’ve already expressed on how much fun this trip was, how much I enjoyed being …

Antarctica – One Last Postcard

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  One last postcard from Antarctica. We’re on the Drake Passage now, and heading back to Ushuaia before I start the long journey home. What a trip this has been. Daily trips in the zodiacs, time spent on land with fearless penguins and seals, and more time to make photographs than I’ve had in a long time. I’ve got a …

Antarctica in Black & White

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Today was a blast. We spent the morning in “the Iceberg Graveyard” and the afternoon on Petermann Island. The afternoon landing was incredible. Easily the most beautiful landing so far. I brought only my 300/2.8 lens with me, which turned out to be a mistake, but I made some fun penguin portraits before returning to the ship to swap my …

Antarctica – Crabeater Seals

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One quick postcard before leaving the Iceberg Graveyard in which we’ve spent the morning chasing ice and seals and dodging a blizzard. The seals were tough, but not for the usual reasons. Most of the time wildlife runs away or buggers off. Not here. Here they just don’t give a damn and it’s all you can do to get them …

Antarctica – Afloat

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We’ve been floating now for something like 5 days, but I haven’t looked at a calendar. Time here passes very differently, in part because the light just sticks around for so long, and in part because so much of this incredible landscape blends into each other after a while. So much beauty is almost overwhelming. I woke this morning to …

Paradise Harbour, Antarctica

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I’m on a boat, ice-breaking through the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica, the snow is blowing in huge flakes on high winds. Spent this afternoon on a zodiac, again, chasing light and ice. Amazing place. Came back to the boat and had a martini (possibly two) iced with the clearest ice – straight from the antarctic ocean – I’ve ever seen. …

Antarctica: Mostly Blue

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The colours here, every blue you’ve ever seen, and others you’ve only dreamed of, are unbelievable. John Paul Caponigro said something interesting yesterday, he said, “we’ll go home and people will assume we’ve boosted the saturation in Photoshop. We’ll tell them we haven’t, but that we really should in order to make it look the way it really felt.” He’s …

Postcard from Cuverville Island

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We’re camped out at Cuverville Island right now, spent the afternoon wet and bounced around in Zodiacs chasing ice. You wouldn’t believe the colours. I’ll show you something from this afternoon soon; in the mean-time here’s a pair of penguins. 🙂

Half Moon Island

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We spent this morning on Half Moon Island after our first peaceful night off the Drake Passage. We woke to gorgeous light and just after 8am were in Zodiacs bouncing to shore. People keep asking me what I most want to photograph, and at this point I still don’t know. A new place like this is a little like a …

The Drake Passage

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To say that it takes some time to get to Antarctica is an understatement. After 20 hours in the air and a couple days in Ushuaia, we boarded the Quark Expeditions vessel, Ocean Nova. Then for 48 hours we sailed south. You’ve never seen so many people wearing sea sickness patches behind their ears, nor so much fleece and Goretex. …