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Jul 1st


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Chasing & Drawing


I just got back from 3 days of diving with sea lions in the waters of Hornby Island here in BC. It was easier than I expected to photograph the sea lions because, well, they weren’t there. So that blog post I had planned about how amazing it was to play with, and get chewed by, those amazing puppies of the sea – that’s not going to happen either. We did have an amazing 20-minute encounter with a Giant Pacific Octopus at almost 100 feet, and he crawled all over our cameras. An incredible experience. But photographs? Anything I came home with will probably get post-processed with the CTRL-ALT-DELETE filter. The images above are some sketch images from a location I’m pretty excited to re-shoot when I return to find the sea lions in December.

I’m not frustrated (OK, maybe a little). I think if I’m always learning I’m always growing, and will always have something to teach and the knowledge of what it feels like to climb the learning curve. I feel your pain, people.

There are two things I wish I’d learned earlier as a photographer (actually three – I also wish I’d learned how to be more patient with learning): one is to understand the craft and technique stuff more in terms of aesthetics and less in terms of gear and buttons. I got there eventually. The second is to understand how to draw the eye of the people looking at our photographs. It took years before I ever heard the idea of visual mass – or the pull of various elements in the frame on the eye of the reader. That understanding is simple, but it’s key to composition, storytelling, even some of our post-processing.


I’m telling you this because while I’ve backed off a lot on promoting Craft & Vision products on my blog – I want you to know that 2 of my earliest eBooks – Chasing the Look, and Drawing the Eye – are on sale for only $2 each, or together for $3.50. It’s a great deal and if you’re newer to my blog and my writing, you may not have heard of these two. One week only. Check them both out.

I also want to thank so many people for putting their names in the hat for the Photoshelter draw. This morning I drew names for Anna VanDenmark, Karen Dean, and Cary Dover. There are emails coming your way. Thanks again to Photoshelter for their support of this community.

Jun 19th


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Back in the Khutz

Three days is not enough for these adventures, even less so when Air Canada loses your luggage en route to Prince Rupert and you’re socked in by fog the first morning, but when we finally flew into the Khutzeymateen Inlet in British Columbia’s wild west coast, and began sitting with the grizzlies from our inflatable […]

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