Where In the World, January 07-22 2008

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Today I fly to Tunisia for two weeks of assignment work for me. When I first began this adventure I promised myself that as much as it was possible and OK with Sharon, I would do one trip annually – the only goal of which would be to work on my portfolio and stir the paint on the creative side of myself. I think it’s important to do work that is not driven by a client but by your own muse – work in which you can take chances and follow the somewhat unpredictable nature of inspiration. It’s this work you use to market yourself, submit to competitions, and sharpen your edges so you’ve always got your best to offer a client, year after year.

I think the most common mistake freelance creatives make is not allowing themselves – even forcing themselves – this time to hone their skills and re-fire their imaginations. The creative work becomes a commodity, time to do self-assignments gets seen as time without income; it doesn’t take long before the creativity stagnates, the joy of creation becomes elusive, and clients look elsewhere.

So over the next two weeks I will be travelling with an old friend – someone who is not a photographer – from Tunis to El Kef, Kairouan, Tozeur, Nefta, Tataoiune, and Sfax. We might make it to all of those, we might not. We might just fall in love with one place and stay the duration. We might go somewhere we don’t anticipate at all. What is important is that we go where the muse says we go.

Can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Tragically it means for you another two week hiatus. I’d love to post if I get a chance but I like these times when I am unplugged and the world has no tether on me. I’ll have a cell number in Tunisia and if you really, really need me you can email me. Sharon will be checking the email at the studio/office and will give my cell number out at her discretion.


  1. I’m really looking forward to what you bring back!
    Hope it’s a blast.

  2. Wonderful to meet you, you are an amazing guy.
    I hope you have an incredible trip, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Hi David,

    Here’s wishing you a great trip. Looking forward to the results. If you need any info on Mongolia, I have one or two colleagues living in Ulaan Baatar I can put you in touch with. Cheers mate. Have a good one.

  4. David: How did you make the customized “Where I’ve been” map? Great post, btw. Inspired me to take some time off from work yesterday to work on a comic book project that has sat half-finished on my desk for the past five months.

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