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This is REO, a 6-week old Cocker Spaniel I had a chance to photograph this week-end. One of my photographic ventures is RedCollar Photographic. My passion is shooting the world and creating photo-resources for the humanitarian and NGO community but I can only be out on the field so much. So, RedCollar is a something I’m rolling out to keep me out of mischief while I am in town and not already doing commercial work here in Vancouver.

I’d encourage those of you who struggle to make a living at this to diversify. Target your marketing to each individual market – don’t be a jack-of-all-trades shooter – and make sure you specialize in each of those markets, but intentionally diversifying your markets to a couple areas of really solid expertise is an excellent way to make sure you keep shooting.

So why do I photograph dogs and their people? It was an intelligent lateral move. Much of what I shoot for World Vision involves shooting children and animals. Shooting people and pets here at home allows me to extend my expertise in one area to another, while allowing me to hone my skills for my primary client. Each one feeds the other. I’d be less likely to shoot weddings (however, I have shot in war-zones with the UN kicking around, and that’s like several weddings I’ve been to…). It’s also a market without high-end competition, and one in which people are heavily invested emotionally – which means solid income.

Diversification, when done right, allows you to retain your positioning without diluting your apparent expertise. When done right it can be a powerful tool for staying in the black.

Check out the rest of Reo’s images at redcollar.ca


  1. Very beautiful photos. And thank you for your tips, tricks and adventures, you share with us.

    All the best,


  2. David, more great work. I was wondering about the Red Collar layouts I saw in your On-Design series. Fun stuff, and very inspirational. Great use of your 135mm 2.0. These shots really show of the quality of this lens (not to take away any of the credit from you). Thanks for sharing.

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