Here We Go Again

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Bosnia, November 04 – 14, 2010. Click the map to see it larger.

After a whopping 14 days home I’m heading to Sarajevo today to shoot for World Vision Canada in Bosnia. Very excited. ‘Round about this time every year they send me to Africa and as much as I adore Africa, last time it was Senegal and it was so stinking hot I’m thrilled to be heading to someplace I can pack my Icebreaker sweater and my wool socks. Might even throw in a toque, just because my Canadian passport says I can.

Be good while I’m gone. See you when I get back. I’ll do what I can to send a postcard from the field but as always that depends on how much time I have and whether or not I get convenient internet access. Don’t go clamouring for photographs, the client gets the see them first; they’ll show up in the new galleries when I can post them. Ciao!


  1. David, you are very close to my country….
    I know your assignment is not a free decision, but I hope you will come to Hungary someday.

  2. Good luck! Yes, come to Hungary someday! 🙂 We will help the organization over here.

  3. While you journey to Sarajevo, journey inward, you’ll find your muse/vision was/is always there. Trust it to show you what is not out there but in you. Click, whirr…..see what is not there

  4. Talk about burnout and loosing your vision! Just north of Africa is a Place called Oman where you can meet a Kiwi – Me! Please visit.
    Just a quick change of air tickets and you will be here… Anyway, enjoy your trip and remember that guy that said “Screw vision” and just take Photos….

  5. Hi David,

    wondering if you could offer advice on where to get travel insurance for going to Haiti? I can’t find anyone to cover it, as there are travel advisories warning against travel to haiti.
    i am going in december to help rebuild a shool, and also do humanitarian photography for some NGO’s.
    any help you could offer would rock!

  6. Author

    James – Not sure what kind of insurance specifically but I’m Canadian, so our insurance companies are different. I’d look into MedJet Assist if you need medical evacuation insurance – they seem to be low on small print and I always have coverage with them. Otherwise, perhaps check in with Esther Havens. If you’re American she might be able to offer more insight than I can.

  7. David – thanks so much for the help! I’m Canadian, so I’ll be checking out MedJet.
    Thanks again! I really enjoy reading your blog and books!

  8. Hi, David. Your trip is also very near to my country (Slovenia)… I just have a tip for you while staying in Bosnia. While in Sarajevo if you will have the time go to the main square/old center and try their famous ?evep?i?i. They are one of the best there is in this part of the Europe 🙂 I wish you a great trip.

  9. I see that both you, Jeffrey Chapman and Gavin Gough are using these gorgeous maps to show where you’ve been and where you’re heading. Care to share some secrets?
    Enjoy Bosnia!

  10. Author

    Hi Geir – I just built mine in Photoshop – no idea what Gavin or Jeffrey use, but mine was just slapped together with a vector map of the world and some text.

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