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Manfrotto School of Xcellence, Monday Oct. 24, 2011. 2pm – 3pm PDT
More information on the Manfrotto site HERE

On Tuesday morning I jump in the Jeep and drive down to Syracuse, NY to join Jeffrey Chapman for some spectacular Cambodian/Thai food before we jump an early morning flight on Wednesday to Oaxaco, Mexico for our Oaxaca Within The Frame, Day of the Dead Adventure. Very excited.

Tomorrow (Monday ,Oct 24, 2011), I’ll be on the air at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT for the Manfrotto School of Xcellence (don’t get me started on alternate spellings. Just plain goofy.) giving a free one-hour webinar presentation about Building Better Photographs. The presentation is largely based on the principles of the newest book, Photographically Speaking, though in a much distilled form. I’d love you to join us. These presentations are always fun (read: fraught with tech issues) and I’ll be glad to have some friends in the audience. 🙂 Join us! (Follow the link at the top to the Manfrotto site)


Manfrotto School of Xcellence, Monday Nov. 21, 2011. 2pm – 3pm PDT
More information on the Manfrotto site HERE

Next month, same time, I’ll be doing another one called Confessions of a So-Called Pro. Here’s the blurb: When professional photographer and best-selling author David duChemin left a 12-year career in comedy to pursue his first creative love, photography, he tried very hard to be the “professional” he thought he was meant to be. What he discovered along the way was that being a productive photographer that loved his craft had nothing to do with getting paid. More than that, he learned many lessons about the craft of photography that apply to everyone, from so-called amateur to so-called pro. Join David in a candid discussion about the journey of photography.

I’d love you to join us for that too. Between now and then I’ll be in Oaxaca shooting the Day of the Dead, and on Roatan, Honduras, doing nothing at all. The last trip I went really light, this time I’m taking a Nikon D3s, Sigma 20/1.8, Nikon 24mm PC-E, and Sigma 85/1.4. 4 batteries, no charger. 2 x 64 GB SanDisk cards. Gitzo Ocean Traveler tripod, and a couple Singh Ray filters. It’s a fraction of what I once carried but already it feels like I’m packing for an expedition! I’ll carry it all on my back in a Think Thank Photo Airport Acceleration, until I get there, when I’ll pop my working gear into a Think Tank Retro 30. Wow, that was a lot of gear talk in one paragraph. Let’s move on.

Lastly, Photographically Speaking is now shipping and I’m getting really beautiful early comments and reactions. Thank you again for the support! I think this one is the strongest of the so-called vision trilogy. If you haven’t got one yet, you can do so on HERE or Barnes & Nobles HERE. If you’ve already got yours and don’t mind leaving a quick review on Amazon, I’d be grateful.

Will try to check in from Oaxaca and Roatan and send postcards! See you when I get back!



  1. Are these webinars recorded and available for later viewing? Sadly I’m at work during this time.

  2. Author

    Amy, I think they are, though earlier this year i recall Mac people having a tough time with it. Wish I could be more help. 🙂

  3. Have fun in Oaxaca, I’m from México and have some family there, I spent some many hollidays there…. A lot of good memories, I hope you found Oaxaca really special as I do… You don´t have to miss an rose petals ice-cream in the “Plaza de la Soledad” in dowtown… Have fun!!!

  4. How fun! It is late for me over here in Israel (11 pm), but I hope I can make it. 🙂 Hope you are feeling good.

  5. Oh man, imagine the trouble with you, Jeffrey, myself and good tequila…and Stuart, Marco, Eli…

    I’m going to get my hands in your book ASAP.

  6. Signed up, might have to go get some Thai first to get in the spirit of it….

  7. yep late in france too but can’t wait to attend. Photographically Speaking is already a planned reading ; I just need to finish Vision Mongers and Vision & Voice first 😉 (yes I’m really behind schedule).

  8. Hey David. One of my good friends has spent many winter holidays in Roatan. I can almost picture it based on her stories. Enjoy!

  9. “Confessions of a so-called Pro” – the title alone deserves an award – duChemin, when you aren’t trying to kill yourself, you kill me. Keep up the great work!

  10. darn, just realised will be at a (non-photography) workshop tomorrow (sydney time) but have signed up for the november one – will have to take a very early lunch 🙂 looking forward to your images from mexico and reading your latest book

  11. Ah, the Day of the Dead. I was in Mexico on the Day of the Dead years ago before I was into photography, but in hindsight, it would be a blast to photograph. Such a colorful event!

  12. Waiting for my new book to arrive, I’ve ordered Steve Simon’s book as well, all from Amazon. I’ve finished Within The Frame and am now halfway reading Vision Mongers (: you really are an inspiration!!

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed your webinar! Spent time looking at quality images this morning and realized just how vital the 12 areas you addressed are to the “success” and strength of an image. So very, very helpful. Thank you. Looking forward to delving deeper with your book.

  14. David, before I frame my image must I always ask myself about intent and mood I am trying to capture? Sometimes when I frame an image and take the picture I tend to miss the connection and when I look back at the photo it just misses the mark.

  15. David,

    I have finished half your latest book Photographically Speaking and couldn’t wait to give you some feedback. It is by far your best yet! You have brought all the elements together in what might be called a “unified general theory of relativity.”

    [Wikipedia: General relativity, or Unified Theory, generalizes special relativity and Newton’s law of universal gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime.]

    OK, maybe Einstein would object to my analogy; my point is you have masterfully combined, in an artistic fashion, all the traditional and not so traditional “rules” and practices that we must be addressed in a balanced fashion to create ‘good’ photographs. Bravo!

    In particular, by expanding the Rule (Principle) of Thirds to a Cube of Thirds, you have given us a powerful way of visualizing a deeper image that forces adjustments/decisions about what to include/exclude, how to position the objects, how to choose aperture/DOF, etc. before releasing the shutter.

    What I am getting from the book is a much clearer way of thinking about (visualizing) an image that tells a story that has more clarity, greater impact, and is more interesting to the reader.

    Thanks for your insightful lessons on how to more effectively speak photographically.

    P.S. Your illustration on page 103 (horse and rider in surf) has caused me to look for floating red X’s as I walk along the beaches of Cape Cod. The “A” variety are quite common here, but the “B” and “C” species… not so much, unless you count mating lobsta’ buoys. 😉

    When’s the next book in the ‘trilogy’ coming out?

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