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I’ve been on a tear about sharing lately. Earlier this month I did a webinar with the Manfrotto School of Excellence and while my topic concerned so-called Going Pro issues, I still managed to get hung up on the idea that the most foundational concerns of the photographer are creating and sharing photographs. The rest is peripheral. And yet somehow we (and by that I mean, I) tend to lose sight of this at times. So last month I began my own renaissance of sharing, renewing my own resolve to use my camera more, and to finally curate and print collections of my work.

Sharing our work is not only about keeping the gift moving, it’s about creation itself, because the way we create and the reasons we do so, are affected by the sharing. There’s a critical feedback loop that happens and the more we share, the more that feedback allows us to grow in our craft, and in our art. So when Stuart Sipahigil, author of Close To Home, asked me about a book on the whys and hows of sharing our photography, I was pumped. If you know Stu, you know he’s practical and down-to-earth, and he’s a great teacher.

SHOOT + SHARE is about the creative process, but specifically the sharing. Stuart talks about sharing across all kinds of media, including social media, self-published books, prints, canvas and more. I was already excited about sharing my work, but reading Stuart’s ideas and suggestions gave me a bunch of new ideas, which I’ll be working into my own process and output.

There is something about the digital world, and the lack of prints we once had almost automatically with film, that makes it a little too easy not to share our work, but the flip-side is an opportunity like never before to share in new ways, faster ways, cheaper ways, and in ways that give us far more creative control than ever before. Like all the books in the Craft & Vision library, SHOOT + SHARE is beautifully laid out and full of great content and inspiration, and if you buy it in the next few days, it’s only $4.

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For the next five days use the promotional code SHARE4 when you checkout so you can have the PDF version of SHOOT + SHARE for only $4 OR use the code SHARE20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm (PST) April 28, 2012.


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  2. DaveB

    I look forward to reading the book now that I have my copy… and have also become inspired to produce more for public consumption…

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  4. Matt

    Both you and Ibarionex Perello speak of having a life changing realization about seeing light as your camera does. I went as far as goggling that phrase just to see where it would take me. Well I feel that I understand the concept but fail to equate the camera settings behind them. The other side is that I am far understanding and I’m missing the point that both you are and Perello are making. I’ve gone as far as taking all my photos off Flickr knowing that I want to make a change its getting restarted and breaking old habits that’s hard to do. Where do i begin?

  5. Barbara K

    Is there a discussion of the different sites to promote and upload to photo communities? Had a BAD experience with one recently….

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