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While most of my regular readers know I lean much more heavily towards the artistic than I do to the technical, most of you also know that I think keeping the Artist and the Geek in some kind of balance allows us to find the best expression of our vision or intent. Resources like Nicole S. Young’s newest eBook, FINDING FOCUS, UNDERSTANDING THE CAMERA’S EYE, are one way to pursue that balance. Quality of focus is one of the most significant elements of a photograph and contributes significantly to the experience and meaning of our photographs. FINDING FOCUS is a book about the way we use our lenses, cameras, and software to achieve and manipulate that quality of focus. It’s about how to use depth of field and selective focus to tell a stronger story, and about focus-stacking to tell a story your lens alone can not. It discusses apparently simple issues like how to achieve the best focus, how to understand lens behaviors, the role of the camera, lens compressions, depth of field, sharpening, and so-called specialty lenses.

Nicole is a gifted teacher with a knack for explaining technical things simply. I’ve sent her panicky emails on more than one occasion begging her to help me with something.  She’s also got a handle on the Artist vs. Geek balance and explains the geek stuff in ways that artists can understand and use. FINDING FOCUS will help you make sharper photographs, but more than that it’ll help you make photographs that help you tell a stronger story and achieve the aesthetic you’re hoping for in your photographs.

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  1. Sandy

    Thank you thank you thank you…you must have read my mind…..See you on Friday…Vancouver here I come….!!!!


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  3. Hakan

    I was just looking for a book about focus.This one seems a good one. I’m excited to read it. Thanks to Craft&Vision and David duChemin.

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