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Several months ago, as I bumped across the Gobi desert, I decided to create a magazine. Blame it on the vodka. :-) It’s been years since I bought a magazine other than Lenswork, mostly due to the disappointment of spending anywhere from $8 to $16 on something that’s mostly ads, just to get to that one article that’s not about Top Ten Pro Tricks to Focus Your Camera! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with learning to focus. But I’ve got that one (mostly) nailed at this point. So I made a list of the things I myself wanted. I wanted, most of all, photographs. Big, beautiful, un-cropped, and unadorned with lame comments or gigantic pull-quotes. I wanted to hear from the photographers I respected. And I wanted to learn about the things that actually impact my craft and my art, like articles about creativity, composition, and printing.

That was in July. Today we’re launching Issue One of PHOTOGRAPH, A Digitial Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers. It’s 132 spreads/pages long, and it’s exactly what I hoped for in Mongolia, even if I didn’t know it at the time. The first three featured portfolios come from Art Wolfe, Nate Parker, and Bruce Percy, and are followed up with short interviews. I do a column called Without The Camera, and this issue it’s about the art of the edit. There’s a featured article from Andrew Gibson, and columns from people like John Paul Caponigro (Creative Composition), Martin Bailey (The Art of the Print), Chris Orwig (Creativity), Piet van Den Eynde (Lightroom Before + After), and Kevin Clark (The Studio Sketchbook). Download the Table of Contents.

We’ve taken our time on this and made something we’re proud of. It’s ad-free and will always be ad-free. It’s quarterly, not monthly, so we can concentrate on making something truly worthwhile and beautiful. We believe in being part of the solution, not part of the problem, so we’re paying our authors and our photographers, and we’re proud of that. And because we’ve always been, and will always be, champions of the amateurs, the ones who do this for the love of it, we’re committed to profiling photographers who you already know and  look up to as well as those you’ve not, and giving you a chance to submit your work too. Photography, like any creative endeavour, is about creating and sharing, and we wanted to create a platform for that.PHOTOGRAPH is available now through Craft & Vision, as a PDF download, for USD$8.


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  1. Neil Vanderwolf

    I’ve been waiting to read this since your showed us the preview! Subscribed…

  2. Clive C.

    As it is Halloween night, I only had time to flip through the first issue. This is what a photography magazine should look like. I’m looking forward to diving into it this weekend.


  3. Dan Warren

    Subscribed and looking forward to diving into this over the weekend. Many thanks to you and your team… This is what a photography magazine should be. Well done….

  4. Olivier Du Tre

    Congrats with the new ‘baby’ David. Looking at the previews this is a high quality e-Mag. Just like any other craft and vision e-book. Wish you all the best with it. And a great choice on the first portfolio picks.

  5. Richard Baumgartner

    Wohoh!!! Subscribed immediately after getting the mail…
    What a great magazine! Top level authors, top level pictures, top level layout, no brain-blocking advertisement = clear recommendation! Hope this will be public here in Germany to open the heads of the scene for a fresh look.. No more boring magazines and contests…

    best regards

  6. Augustine Mathews

    I am only halfway through and I am loving PHOTOGRAPH. Kudos to you and all of the people that worked at putting this terrific publication together. It is so refreshing to see images that are not only inspiring but large enough to actually feel the emotion that often cannot be conveyed on an A4 page. The writing is simple and so readable while offering intelligent dialogue. Thank you so much for making this happen. I am looking forward to continuing my reading tomorrow. As ever, your vision is better than most, now ably demonstrated in the genre of photography magazines. Congratulations.

  7. Edith Levy

    I loved it David. It’s a fantastic publication and I’m already looking forward to getting my hands on the Winter issue. I’m never disappointed with a C&V publication.

  8. Tom Kostes

    Looking forward to reading it. I’m with you on all the lame articles in so many photo mags. Plus the images always seem to be the same, totally tired of red rock images.

    Happy to see there is an article by Nate Parker, I really appreciate his work. I, unfortunately, was unable to touch base with Nate when I was in Maine the first week in Oct., because of scheduling problems, but perhaps next time….

    I just signed on for a year and am looking forward to a nice, clean mag, w/o ads and repetitive articles. I am betting it will be a great success.

  9. nate parker

    Thanks so much David! This is certainly a high point for me- what a great day! Wanted to share with the community here that I decided to use todays big deal release of the mag to propose to my lady- and she says yes! So I’m on top of the world today! Yeehaw! Good stuff everybody! Good stuff! :-))

    1. Author

      Sounds like a great day, Nate! :-) I’m thrilled for you. Will raise a toast to you both tonight.

  10. Pete T

    Great inaugural issue and what a great standard you and your contributors have set. Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to maintain and improve this standard!
    Many thanks!

    1. Author

      Pete, thank you. You hit the nail on the head. My goal is to raise the bar with each issue. Might not always happen, but I’ve never been good with status quo. Too much quo going on these days! :-)

  11. Duncan

    Thanks David & crew. Thank you very much for being an ebook that works fantastic on my iPad. Now we have something as good as Lens Work… Take care

  12. Cody Priebe

    Awesome. Basically this is all work I strive to create. Thanks for sharing, inspiring and teaching.

  13. Terry Banet

    What a brilliant inaugural issue. I will look forward to reading this each quarter and looking at the fantastic work on display.

    Thank You!

  14. Dave Hoggan

    Hi David,

    I’m now just begining to go through the first issue and just wanted to re-iterate my comment on Facebook that this is really is a good body of work; full of editorial and infomation. In fact, something that will keep me busy as I cross the Drake Paddage this time next week.

    One thing I have always thought would make a good, ongoing series of articles and something you touched upon in your ‘Art of the Edit’ piece is the process of selection. I think it would be invaluable for aspiring photographers like myself to see how the professionals (i.e., those who make a living from photography) choose between a series of similar photogtaphs and select the final one. Not so much as to why shot 5 make the cut, but as to why shots 1-4 did not. It’s that internal process that I feel would lend a great insight into what makes a great shot. Getting different photographers each time to run through one of their shots, along with the similar ones that didn’t make it, would be really interesting. And educational.

    I know you’ve done similar things in some of the eBooks, but I think repitition, repitition, repitition is the key to understanding.

    Of course, the suggestion is just me being greedy. It’s a Very nice magazine as it is and leagues beyond anything on the market!

  15. Torsten

    Thank you! It is great, i love it. My english is not so good, but but i can feel the soul of this work. Great pictures, deep and clear words.

  16. marjan

    love the magazine but i would really like to be able to print it and take chapters one by one to read on bus – is there anyway the pdf can be changed so the magazine can be printed please? happy to pay more for a printable version

  17. Jennifer

    Hi David – this is fantastic issue and I look forward to receiving them all. I don’t suppose there is a way to buy a subscription for friends so that they can get the email/download link automatically?? It would make a great gift!

  18. Paul Joyce

    Hi David,

    Thanks for letting us know Photograph has been released, I’ve been looking forward to it and plan on subscribing.

    Just a suggestion but maybe you might also want to consider making the magazine available via Blurb’s print-on-demand magazine option ( for those who might like to see Photograph in print.

    Just a thought…

  19. Dave Benson

    Have my first year committed… first Vol look is great… can’t wait to work my way through it… the Iceland intro is great preparation for my March 2013 planned tour…


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  21. Jim Denham

    Been reading through the first volume and I must say it has inspired me – specifically the images from Nate Parker and the articles from both JP Caponigro and Chris Orwig! Glad I got the full year subscription! Good stuff!

  22. David Mantripp

    Excellent work. Intelligent, thought-provoking, with fantastic photography and great writing. You’ve certainly given Issue 2 a tough act to follow!

  23. John Stranack

    David I am still waiting for the short email so as I can order the remainder. When is it due

    if you want to do so risk-free, we’ll send a short email to everyone that buys Issue One and give you the chance to top-up your subscription with the remaining 3 issues for US$16, as long as you do it before the end of this month, November 2012.

    1. corwin

      We’ll be sending that email out at the end of November. Don’t worry, all Issue One buyers will get the notification. Any questions just email me . Cheers!

  24. Russ Hermanson

    Congratts! Subscribed for the year without hesitation because of your long history of delivering quality that exceeds our high expectations!

    Excited to see how this adventure develops over time – both for the mag and for you personally.

    All the best!

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