My LR4 Develop Presets Now Available

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It’s taken me a little while to update my most frequently used Develop Presets for Lightroom 4. In so doing I’ve collected 36 of my best starting points for development work in LR4, which uses very different stuff under the hood. If you’re using LR4, and you should (honestly, I’m no fan boy, but my photographs have never looked so good), then you can take advantage of this. If you’re still using LR3, then consider upgrading.

Today I’m releasing my Lightroom 4 Develop Preset Package. 36 of my most used presets and an 18-page PDF guide, which includes a How-To on installing them, and complete Before & After photographs of each preset to give you a sense of what these presets do. Now, before we go further, let me clarify my own position about presets, in case you’re curious. I view presets as extremely helpful in my own workflow, because they make me more efficient. These presets are really the only ones I use with any frequency and I made them all myself. I’m not offering them because they’re a magic bullet. They aren’t. If your photographs suffer from weak composition or a missed moment, these presets won’t make the photograph any better. They’ll just make 36 different versions of a weak photograph. But if you’re looking for some new starting points, these presets will help. Here are a 9 of the 18 spreads (hint: click one, let it open large, then use the arrows to go from large image to large image):

A second disclaimer, for those that don’t know me: These aren’t gimmicks or trendy presets I created just to earn your dollar. I hope you know me better than that, but some of you won’t. There are lots of presets out there – some of them free (and kind of crappy) and some of them excellent (and really expensive.) I’m offering these, at what I think is a very reasonable $10 for 36 of them and a manual – which means each preset will cost you $0.25 and the manual will cost you the remaining pennies. I’ve included simple instructions on installation and the guide has Before + After shots of all the presets. The rest is up to you. My hope is that you’ll download these, and not simply apply them but learn from them. Look at what they do, peer under the hood, play with them, and adapt them to your own workflow and particular aesthetic by making new presets. The more you pull these apart, the more value you’ll get out of them.

My LR4 Preset Package will only work with LR4. Because of the new process, theyย will work with LR3 but not reliably (I can’t even comment on anything before LR3. Please, for the love of Ansel Adams, tell me you aren’t still using the original Lightroom. We’ve all move on to better things. Join us!). It is available today for USD$10. No gimmicks, just my own collection of Develop presets from which I begin much of my own daily work. I hope they’ll serve you well.

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By the way, we’ve got a busy month and a few great products coming out. We try really hard not to overwhelm, but this month is just going to be a little more full-throttle than usual. We’re trying to get it in before December comes when we just really don’t want to add to the noise that’s already out there. Just wanted to let you know we’re conscious of this, and hope you’ll be as excited about this month’s offerings as we are! I’ll post when I can but I’m in Kathmandu for the first half of the month and head to Antarctica shortly after that. Will do my best to send postcards!

Quick Update: After I posted this I caught some heat from people who felt it was blatant hypocrisy to offer these after posting THIS RANT. The comment section filled up to the point it broke the page. I reluctantly deleted the entire string of debate for the sake of this page. Your comments were read, taken to heart, and where I disagreed with them, that was stated too. I still believe, as I stated in the text above (and the rant before that), that no plug-in or preset will make a bad photograph good, and that any teacher who claims it does, for that sake of flogging a product, is doing a disservice to his students.


  1. David, thanks so much for providing your presets. Wonder work and I look forward to incorporating them into my workflow as well. Best regards!

  2. Thank you so much for offering these at such an affordable price! I am playing with them and love all the tone variations- they are fantastic!

  3. David, lookin’ fwd to checking this stuf ๐Ÿ˜‰ will buy it soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    i thing it’s great way to know Lr better and also to know your own workshop and see (a little) how you work ๐Ÿ™‚ Rgds, M.

  4. These look good. Thanks for making them and the associated guide available. Just a note on that Guide though – the Title embedded in the PDF metadata is actually “eyePhone – Making stronger photographs with your camera phone” and the author is “Al Smith”. I’m guessing the eyephone document was used as a template for this one.

  5. Message sounds loud and clear to me. Actually the ‘starting point’ jumped at me when I read it. Couldn’t be more clear.
    Thank you, David! I’m still working with Lightroom 3 so I’ll have to wait a bit until I have the money to upgrade to 4 in order to buy it! Very grateful for the offer. I think you already know it but I’ll say it again: I love you work! You’re an inspiration! Lots of blessings to you!

  6. Excellent!!
    Thanks much for the Presets and PDF David. These look great and really help me out as a new Lightroom 4 user, and progressing photographer. Helps me see what settings and changes are being applied in the Develop Module so I can apply and adjust as needed and have a better understanding of what does what and when to use certain settings in the future on my images……Really like the new Photograph magazine too….Big Thumbs Up!!!!!

  7. I use PS instead of LR, but planning to get LR soon (student pricing ftw). Once i get my LR, i’d probably get the LR presets, mostly as a mean to study your post-processing. I reckon it would be a lot easier to learn by seeing it in front of our eyes than just following the step by step which you usually offer (which is great already). I probably won’t use your presets to publish a picture (not without further major tweakings, anyway), since personally i feel like it’s somewhat cheating. But as a learning tool, I think it’s a great great idea.

  8. Absolutely lovely set of presets David!! Thank you SO much for these. I was so excited to get this mail today and couldn’t get fast enough home from work to try them out! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love how versatile they are – very very good!! AND I love how you say they are not fancy – I am sick and tired of fancy schmancy LR presets with heavy vignettes. To offer such a fantastic set of presets at such an incredible price – well what can I say??? This is why I “follow” you. I have bought much more expensive presets that have completey su*$&# compared to these. You won’t get rich offering these. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for your amazing work and inspiration!!!!

  9. I have yet to update to LR4. Will your presets work with LR3? I would love to invest in them. And I agree they are a great starting point.. I have taught myself LR and Elements thru trial and error, u-tube videos, blogs and books. Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. Picked them up, really digging the Honey on Land and Golden Hour effects. It’s been a look I’ve been trying to get so it was nice to see how you achieved it.

    I’m curious as to the reason for the name “Toxic” for some of the presets though. Care to enlighten me?

    1. Author

      No good reason, really, Harry. I created the look for some work I did in Antarctica at an old whaling station. The whole place looked and felt kind of toxic. I named the preset that way and only later found it had other uses. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’m really surprised that anyone would be this upset by a $10 LR preset. Let’s give David a bunch of crap for $5.00 books while we’re at it!

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