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Mar 17th


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Northern Kenya: A Case Study

Kenya-STW-CoverTwo weeks ago I returned from assignment work in northern Kenya. You’ve seen some of the work already. It’s by far my favourite work, done for my favourite organization – the Boma Project. In fact I like them so much that after my first assignment with them I became a donor, and committed to making my services part of that donation.

Today I’m giving you a chance to participate in that with me, and to be among the first to see my fuller body of work. It won’t surprise you to learn I’ve put together an 80-page eBook with over 40 images from this recent trip, and in that context have continued the conversation about stronger travel photographs that I started in my last eBook, See The World.  There’s also an included 17-minute video (the download link is in the book) that walks you through some of my post-production techniques in Lightroom. And while I’ve priced it at $7, I’m giving regular readers the chance to get it for $5 before March 26 (or you can get it with See The World, for only $24 – check out the bundle).

We won’t be hitting the hard-sell button on this, just letting regular readers know there’s a chance to learn, be inspired, see more of this work than others will for a while, and to help along the way – the profits help pay for this work, and help us commit to the next assignment with the Boma Project, working with women and children in some of the roughest, and poorest, places on the planet.

Northern Kenya, A Case Study for Stronger Travel Photographs is available today for only $5.


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Feb 10th


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SEE THE WORLD For $15, Win a Fuji*

Today we’re releasing a book we’ve been planning for a long while. It’s a book about travel photography that just never happened, until now, because I was busy traveling. But today it’s out and if you buy it this week, before February 19, 2015, you can save 25% on it, and be entered to win […]

Feb 7th


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The Travelling Photographer

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” ~ Neil Gaiman In Hokkaido last month one of the guys I was traveling with made an astute observation, that no matter where we travel as photographers, we will always have the same creative struggles as we do at home because “we take that same photographer with […]

Dec 9th


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The latest issue of PHOTOGRAPH is, as it always is, gorgeous. Featuring articles, portfolios, and interviews with  some truly talented photographers. Be inspired by the dark art of Brooke Shaden, the surreal black and white architectural work of Susan Burnstine, the colourful impressionistic street photographs of Jim Kasson, and the beautiful Ethiopian portraiture of Clive […]

The Created Image, Vol.02

This July we hosted the second Created Image conference here in Vancouver. This time I was joined by Steve Simon and Piet van Den Eynde for this intense photography weekend. Over two days we talked about making compelling photographs – from learning to see and honing the skills that have nothing to do with the […]

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