Taking Stock

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This one’s primarily aimed at those who’ve picked up the camera as not only a means of making a life but of making a living. I’m not going to powder-coat this for you – it’s tough out there. I get email after email from college students, all of them looking the same-ish Dear Mr. duChemin (that part always creeps me …


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As a follow-up to last week’s series on blogging for photographers, here’s a list of the blogs I look to as a standard. They’re mostly personal blogs with solid traffic, unique voices and good content. A number of you sent suggestions that included your own blog and I encourage everyone to go back to the comments on that post HERE …

Portfolio Stuff.

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When I launched this month’s main giveaway I was pretty hard on Flickr. I said some cruel things. Feelings got hurt. And then I felt bad, joined Flickr to put my money where my mouth was, and guess what? Still hate it. But it has its uses. I’m not sure how people can do it, must have more time than …

You Can't Afford Bad Photography

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Found this very amusing. The “You Can’t Afford Bad Photography” line is fantastic. Remember all that talk about selling benefits, not features? (See THIS post) Anyways, this ad nails it. And it’s funny. And probably true, though I suspect the logic is off a little. 🙂 This is almost enough to persuade me to join the PPABC.

Playing In Traffic

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A few comments rolled in after yesterday’s post about the Fluid Galleries Giveaway asking about generating traffic to your website. Fluid Galleries or any strictly Flash-based site left without any kind of modifications has some limitations, one of the biggest of which is the difficulty – nay, the impossibility – of it being easily indexed by search engines like Google. …