Photographically Speaking

3 Versions: Discuss.


I recorded a new episode of About the Image this afternoon. Episode 14. It’ll be online in a couple weeks, I think. But I wanted to post the images here. 3 different versions. If you want to play, here are a couple questions to consider:

  • How does the top image use shadows as a compositional tool?
  • What does the choice to leave the shadows free from details give us that a more detailed version, below, does not?
  • The second image, below, has much more detail in the shadow, popular these days among those who insist on this sort of thing. Is it stronger to you? Weaker? Why?
  • The third image is the same as the first, with a change in colour balance. How does that colour balance shift change how you read and experience the photograph?

There are no wrong answers, just a chance to exercise your visual language skills.  Comments are open if you want to play.


If you enjoy this kind of discussion, you can get more on the free Craft & Vision video podcast here, and more still in Photographically Speaking (Amazon link), a book I wrote a couple years ago that is, I think, my strongest teaching on composition.

Better Questions

Prevailing wisdom says there are no stupid questions. But some questions are better than others, lead us to deeper inquiry, raise new, stronger questions, and better address the reason we asked the question in the first place. I hear a lot of questions. In emails, at live events, on my blog, and through social media […]

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