Dec 27th


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Venice to Hokkaido via Vancouver

20141226-duChemin-Venice-11 Saying goodbye is hard. When the person from whom you part ways is a city like Venice, it’s even harder. This trip more than any other has been amazing. With my surgery in February, and an uncertain recovery time, I didn’t think I’d get to Italy this year, so to be able to spend Christmas here, in a stunning little rented apartment on a canal, just out of reach of the tourist crowds, was an unexpected delight. 20141221-duChemin-Venice-120141221-duChemin-Venice-420141221-duChemin-Venice-220141225-duChemin-Venice-9I wrestled this time, as I always do, but it’s usually my muse with whom I wrestle, and this time she showed up most days, full of ideas and the warm flame of inspiration. No, this time I wrestled with jet-lag. After  10 nights I’m still fighting it, and when you read this I’ll probably be on a plane home to Vancouver to do laundry, pick up some gear, and head to Hokkaido, Japan. So the struggle with jet-lag is only just gaining momentum. The short days and absence of any real sunlight probably didn’t help. But while it drove me to bed way too early every day, it made sure I was up early, and walking the streets, if not in search of photographs, then for a cappuccino and brioche.  And on the way I found, as I seem to do more often when I’m not looking so desperately for them, some photographs I’m really excited to print. 20141225-duChemin-Venice-1020141225-duChemin-Venice-720141225-duChemin-Venice-8

Venice, 2014. I’ve edited these on my 11″ Macbook Air, so there’s some colour/brightness tweaks needed, and Lord knows there’s probably a dust spot or two. As always, they look pretty small as thumbnails, but click on one and you should be able to scroll through all of them a little larger.

I went light this time. A Leica M (240) for digital and a Leica M6 for film. 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm lenses. A bag of black and white film, of which I shot precisely no rolls, so taken was I by the colours. The Leica M continues to amaze me. It’s got its quirks for sure, but for this kind of work I set it to f/11 or so, zone-focus it, and expose manually and photograph to my heart’s content. The images are sharp and need almost nothing done to them, though I colour-grade most of them, or warm them up a little. It doesn’t do well in very low light (at high ISO), but then neither do I, preferring to put the camera away when it gets too dark and head off in search of wine. If I were shooting in the dark I’d prefer my Fuji X-T1 or X-E1, both camera I also love. But there’s something about the Leica that feels so much a part of me in my hands. Hard to explain, but if you’ve ever had a tool you loved with an illogical kind of devotion, and despite it’s quirks, then you know what I’m talking about.

20141225-duChemin-Venice-520141221-duChemin-Venice-3And now to Hokkaido. I’ll bring the same gear, but add my filters, a beefy tripod, and my Fuji X-T1 and a few lenses as a back up. Can’t wait. I hope you had a beautiful holiday, and wish you big adventures in beautiful light, with the ones you love, in the coming year.


Dec 21st


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Postcards from Venice

Venice is, at any time of year, magical. But I’ve never enjoyed it this much, never found so much mood and beauty. The tourists are a little thinner now that it’s cold out, but the light is gorgeous – this morning the sun just let the fog do its thing and didn’t try to get […]

Dec 3rd


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A World of Stories

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” — Jawaharlal Nehru A couple months ago an incredibly enthusiastic team of storytellers approached me about getting on board with a new platform they […]

Nov 28th


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Cape Churchill Polar Bears

I’m sitting in a Winnipeg hotel room, the sun’s coming up late into a bleak winter sky, and I’m surrounded by cold-weather gear, long lenses, and the sense of loneliness that comes after a long-anticipated adventure has wrapped up – that anticipation having been a companion for months. And now it’s over and I head […]

Nov 14th


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Hudson Bay Polar Bears

  In a couple days I’ll be on a small plane heading towards Wapusk National Park on Hudson Bay, Cape Churchill to be exact, to live on the tundra buggies for 8 nights and spend my days with Polar Bears and Arctic Fox. I’m thrilled. It’s the first of several bear trips I’m doing over […]