Another Update.

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San Francisco through the raindrops on the window of the Top of the Mark. Hard to believe it was a couple months ago. To my right, eating dinner, was Robert Duval. Today it expresses my mood. At the risk of popping bubbles, the truth about my condition right now has been revealed only partly in good-humored tweets and blog posts …

The Italian Incident: Update

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My new nemesis. Nightly we are engaged in a battle of wills. It’s not a battle I am winning. But I wanted an adventure when I set out this year. I wanted to learn new things and lean into the fear and while my adventure has changed, it hasn’t stopped. Because man, do I fear this damn thing. 🙂 Zack …

May 2011 Desktop Wallpaper

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San Francisco, February 2011. This is a 1920×1200 wallpaper. Just didn’t have the attention span, with these pain meds, to do a couple different sizes. So this’ll do for 17″MacBook Pro and anything smaller. Ok, folks, the Desktop Wallpaper is up for the month. You didn’t think I’d let a dozen broken bones stop me from doing this, did you? …

Choose Your Risk.

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A quick postcard from last night in Vernazza, Italy. Sometimes I flirt with crossing a line on this blog, a line that puts this blog squarely into the motivational genre; a genre I don’t generally care for. So you’ve been warned – this isn’t about photography, but life (and what is photography about if not life?) Last year I decided …

The Art of (Avoiding) Seduction

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I’m in Pensacola, Florida. This dune was in Galveston, Texas. I’m a few days behind on importing new images. Woke up early this morning and went walking with my camera, tripod and a thermos of coffee to shoot the lagoon in the morning mist. I was churning something over in my mind and it struck me as something that might …

I’ll have the Gator

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Actual conversation in Louisiana, somewhere on the bayou. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and suspect- just maybe – the human brain doesn’t do well on the toxic combination of gator, frogs and deep-fry. I do love it here, and the people are great, but this one was too funny not to pass along. Me: I’m not from around …

Catching Up

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Monument Valley in Utah. Me and my shadow. It’s now been well over a month and 5500 miles since I left home. And while I’m conscious of how nervous I was when I left, I’m now well past that. I am, not to rub it in, deliriously content. As I write this I’m taking a break from some much needed …

Postcard from the Rio Grande

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Bridge over the Rio Grande, New Mexico, 2011. More and more I love twilight – it allows a greater focus on line and color, and – as in this case – nothing done in Lightroom except removing one dust spot with extreme prejudice. It took me 2 hours to find the frame I wanted and wait for the light, but …

April 2011 Desktop Wallpaper

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Desktop wallpapers are here for April, fresh from Bandon, Oregon. Enjoy. I hope you’re in the mood for, well, moody. Click the link above for the small one and HERE for the much larger one. Enjoy!