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Dec 5th


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Postcard from Antarctica: Ronge Island

Ronge´Island, Antarctica. Unedited, so mind the dust.

A quick hello from Antarctica and beautiful Ronge´ Island. We camped out last night, giving us time to get tripods up around midnight to photograph the pastel colours of the prolonged dusk. It never got dark, in fact it never got so blue as twilight, which made our few hours of sleep kind of tough, in addition to being cold and hard. But it’s not every year you get to camp in both the arctic and antarctic, so it was hard to say no. The Antarctica Within The Frame group are troopers, all of them, and we  fell asleep around 1am in our sleeping bags and bivouac sacks, under a beautiful Antarctic sky.

The photographs below are from Peterman Island two days ago. At least I think it was two days ago. Time moves in strange ways here. The photos come courtesy of my friend and traveling partner, Daniel Brown. Serious behind-the-scenes stuff. Don’t bother asking about the second one; there’s no really good explanation. I was feeling punchy, and very, very fond of my camera, apparently.


Dec 1st


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The Gift of Inspiration

Ah, Christmas time, that precious time of year once set aside to celebrate love, peace, and forgiveness. It’s also that time of year when the blogs get full to bustin’ with “official” gift guides (it’s true, they register them down at town hall.) for photographers who need more clever gimmicks and plastic crap like they […]