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Jun 24th


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SEVEN is shipping!

First, here’s a desktop wallpaper for July. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite photographs, and I don’t really do favourites. Click the image to make it big, then do the “Set as Desktop Wallpaper” thing by your favourite method. Now, the morning news, with apologies for being off the air so long…

The elves have been busy, which in part accounts for things being so quiet around here. About 600 copies of SEVEN were delivered to my loft, where I signed them, numbered them, and pulled out the injured ones. Those were then shipped back to the printers to be shrink-wrapped. Then they came back to us, and while that was happening, the crew here was hand-folding cardboard protective corners, and then hand-folding custom mailing boxes, sealing them tight, adding fragile stickers, and then waving a hand of blessing over them for safe measure. Then each box was labelled with a label with individual tracking number, and sent out. And they’re still going.

Your copy should be on it’s way. Some of you have already got them, others of you will have to wait just a while longer, but it’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

What a process. I honestly had no idea it would take so much work. It’s one thing to make a book like this, and no small effort, but what it takes to sign them all, and to get them into your hands quickly and safely, is nothing short of herculean. We’re not a big crew here so this has somewhat consumed us. I’m already thinking about the next one, but judging from the look of fear on my team’s faces when I bring up the subject, that’ll be a couple years down the road.

Anyways, the books are coming, and as yours get shipped, you’ll get an email letting you know it’s on it’s way and giving you a tracking number. I’ve said it before, but I need to say it again – thank you so much for being a part of this. We’ve still got copies for sale, so if you’re thinking about gifts for others, or know someone with an empty coffee table, we’d be grateful if you’d share the love and point people to the product page on the website.

This summer I’ll be making some appearances. If you’re looking to get some education in, here’s where I’ll be…

I’ll be at the Canadian Association of Photographic Art’s conference in Fredericton this weekend, finally meeting Freeman Patterson whom I’ve long admired, and speaking about the creative process and the visual language. So excited. If you’re going to be there, please come say hello. I’m sure they’ve still got a few tickets, so if you happen to be on the east coast, I’d love to see you there and it’s going to be a great conference.

On July 11 and 12 we’re hosting a small group here in Vancouver for The Created Image Conference, and we’ve still got some limited spaces. We’re keeping it small and intimate and I’m looking forward to this one like crazy, but because we’re putting this thing on ourselves it’s a little more work than usual.

I’ve also been invited to Bali this August to speak at the What If Down Under Conference, and well, it’s Bali, so I’m going to be there. The What If Conference is new but gaining momentum, and there’s some amazing people attending. If you happen to live on that side of the world, or feel the burning need to both get some beach time and spend time with other creative entrepreneurs, it’d be cool to meet you.

Lightroom 5 – Up to Speed

Today Adobe released Lightroom 5, and the changes are amazing. With every version Lightroom gets better and better, but every time they change things up it means time re-learning the software and adapting its new features to our workflow. Who better to lean over your shoulder for a couple hours than a guy who’s a […]

May 12th


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Italy and the Fuji XE-1

I spent three weeks in Italy this month, making photographs, teaching, and looking for great food and wine. I took with me the Fuji XE-1 and two lenses, the 14mm and the 18-55mm, both from Fuji. I took them because I wanted a light kit, because for places like Venice I just won’t walk around […]