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Mar 21st


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Building SEVEN: It’s coming!

Next week I’m releasing my fine-art book, SEVEN, for pre-orders. Tuesday, March 26 is your chance to reserve your copy. On Wednesday we’ll be telling the world but it seems only right that you folks get your chance first. And if you reserve your copy within the first 7 days, you can save $15 on either edition.

I’ll spill the beans in detail on Tuesday but SEVEN will be released in two editions – a Limited Edition, limited to 900 of 1,000 copies, all hand signed and numbered, and a Special Limited Edition, limited to 100 of 1,000, and that one’s also hand-signed and numbered, but it comes wrapped in a gorgeous dustcover (that’s it at the top of the post), and includes SEVEN+, an expanded digital copy of the book, giving you 40 more pages and a means to view it your iPad or laptop while leaving the large book – 12″x12″, hard-bound, it weighs 4lbs – safely at home. It also includes a copy of Arctic Circles, an 8.5×11 print limited to 100 copies, hand-signed and numbered to match your edition.

SEVEN is 160 pages, and with the exception of a short essay at the front, it’s all photographs from the last seven years, including work that’s never been published, and a re-working of others, some of which is presented in gorgeous duo-tones. It represents some of the work I’m most proud of, and a vision of the world that’s hopeful and beautiful.

This has been such a fun project. Working with Hemlock here in Vancouver has been amazing and at each turn they’ve been encouraging and so helpful. They know books to a depth I do not, so leaning on them has been awesome. Yes, this book will cost more, but that’s the cost of not sending things offshore and not compromising on the things I most wanted for this book. This week it gets proofed. Then it goes to print and I aim to be there for that, to see how it all happens. Then it goes to the bindery. And at the end of May I will have 4,000lbs of books in my loft waiting to be signed and numbered, then boxed and shipped. It’s going to be a lot of work. God help the man who does this for any other reason but for the giddy joy of creating and sharing. :-)

While we’re on the subject of sharing, congratulations to Edith Levy. We’ll be putting the Hokkaido portfolio in the mail to you just as soon as we get a mailing address. Check your email.  Thanks to everyone expressing such an interest. Might have to do this more often…

Mar 11th


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New Work Posted

There’s some new work posted to my portfolios, representing some of my favourite photographs from the last couple months. Click either of the images above to be taken to my recent work from Kenya and Hokkaido, respectively. I love the new direction my work is taking, though I’m at a loss to say where it […]

Feb 1st


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Postcards from Nanyuki

After 2 weeks in the field in northern Kenya, we’ve settled in for 2 days at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club to shower up, debrief, and get ready to head home. We’ve been in Kenya’s north, from Archer’s Post to Loiyangalani, photographing in partnership with The Boma Project, among Rendille, Samburu, and Turkana tribes, mostly […]

Planning Is Just Guessing. But With More Pie Charts and Stuff.

I taught at VanArts this morning, by which I really mean I talked for two hours and hoped those beautiful young minds would learn something from my string of disconnected thoughts. One of the things I  talked about, though with my tendency to digress, I have no idea which rabbit-hole I was down when my […]