Yukon Cut Short

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My first instinct is not to publish this post, which I wrote a week ago, and to leave these events just between me and those privy to my moments of stupidity. But it’s good fodder for my new reality show, which my girl, Cynthia, calls “Dumb Shit David Does.” From the beginning I’ve tried to be truly vulnerable on this …

September Desktop Wallpaper

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Fresh off the Dempster Highway, in Canada’s Yukon, a couple days ago, Tombstone park ablaze with colour, here’s something for everyone in the northern hemisphere about to enjoy autumn, and for those in the south for whom it’s a ways away. The image above will take you to a full-sized desktop wallpaper – enjoy!  

Postcards from the Yukon

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Sitting beside Kluane Lake, near Destruction Bay, the water an almost-perfect mirror. To the south the mountains and Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak. I’m in the Yukon for almost a month, including the time it’s taken to get here and will take to get home. I’m here, with my girl, Cynthia, and my Jeep, Emily, to chase the fall colours …

4th Birthday Sale!

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Light the candles. Sing the song. Cut the cake. Craft & Vision is 4 years old. We know we can’t send birthday cake to you in a PDF, but we can go one better. Today and tomorrow only (August 27 & 28, 2013), everything in the Craft & Vision store is 50% off (OK, almost everything. Subscriptions of PHOTOGRAPH are …

Getting UnStuck

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The late Steve Jobs once said that creativity was nothing more than connecting dots. Ignoring for a moment that creativity is more than just idea generation, and necessarily includes idea execution, I like the metaphor. The more divergent those dots, the more unusual and interesting our ideas and the solutions to the problems we’re working on, whether that’s a new …

North & Nomadic

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Just back from Bali and I’ve got little over a week to service the Jeep, put packing lists together, get groceries, put the gear into Zarges cases and head north. When my nomadic lifestyle was cut too short by a series of circumstances 2 years ago, I mourned the loss of the simplicity I found living out of my Land …

Greater Intimacy

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I believe that when Robert Capa said “if your photographs aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough,” part of what he implied was more than just physical proximity, but a more intimate knowledge of the subject. They’re connected of course, and if there’s one thing that I love hearing from others about my work, it’s the word “intimacy.” I want …