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Apr 1st


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April Desktop Wallpaper

From Northern Kenya this January, a herder brings his flocks home under the setting sun to celebrate Almatho. I didn’t anticipate this one. We’d been out the night before making portraits and I’d seen similar scenes. I thought the herds were home now. But the next night they kept rolling in, and the celebrations began. I spent a couple hours on my knees in the dust, among sheep and camels, shooting into the sun and deliriously happy. Then someone gave me a camel. I love my work more than I can tell. Click the image to make it large, then right-click it to download as a large desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

If you missed it this weekend, we announced the dates and details of the Ethiopia trip. Join Jeffrey Chapman and I as we explore and photograph Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas in the ancient city of Lalibela.

Today, April 01, is the last day to save $15 when you reserve your copy of SEVEN, Seven Continents + Seven Years, A Photographic Journey. On Friday I’m on press with my book, watching it print, learning how this whole thing is done and chewing my nails. Excited, but a little nervous. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this, thank you.

Tomorrow I’ll be releasing dates and details for the Day of the Dead trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.


Mar 28th


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Orchid Impressions

The last few days, as we’ve opened SEVEN for pre-orders, have been tremendously exciting, humbling, and full of the same fear any artist has when releasing something so close to his heart into the world: what if it doesn’t find an audience? We released it nervously, knowing if no one purchased it, I’d have 4,000lbs […]