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Dec 21st


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Postcards from Venice

Venice is, at any time of year, magical. But I’ve never enjoyed it this much, never found so much mood and beauty. The tourists are a little thinner now that it’s cold out, but the light is gorgeous – this morning the sun just let the fog do its thing and didn’t try to get in the way.

We’ve got a beautiful little apartment here, not far from Teatro La Fenice, and in such a walkable city, everything seems close. I’m looking out my window right now, gondolas going by with some regularity. Some of the images in this series are shot a couple feet from the sofa I’m on now. I’m not even going to pretend I’m not deliriously happy about that.

I’ve felt greater creative freedom this time than I ever have in Venice. Perhaps I’ve hit that point where I’m not as worried about coming all this way and not “getting the shot.” Or maybe I’m just having too much fun to worry about the fact that this new work is a bit of a departure from previous images in my Venice series. Despite the Leicas I adore and carry with me, it’s the iPhone with its 18mm Moment lens on, and my Slow Shutter App that allows both longer exposures and multiple exposures, which I’m combining for the images you see here.

In case I miss you in the coming days, thank you for another beautiful year. My very best to you and the ones you love over this beautiful holiday of love and light.

Dec 13th


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Favourite Things

Between you and me, sometimes the whole Gear is Good, Vision is Better thing makes me worry that people think I don’t like toys, but if you know me at all, you know that’s just crazy talk. I like stuff. I’ve been accused of having champagne tastes, by no less an authority than my own […]

Dec 9th


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The latest issue of PHOTOGRAPH is, as it always is, gorgeous. Featuring articles, portfolios, and interviews with  some truly talented photographers. Be inspired by the dark art of Brooke Shaden, the surreal black and white architectural work of Susan Burnstine, the colourful impressionistic street photographs of Jim Kasson, and the beautiful Ethiopian portraiture of Clive […]

Dec 4th


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Make It Now.

This moment, this light, in Cape Churchill last week: it didn’t last long. You can photograph it, or let it pass you by. But you may never see it again.  Last week I was sitting in a tundra buggy not photographing polar bears. The bears, driven by a months-long hunger were out on the sea […]