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Aug 1st


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I’m Outta Here!


Today we packed the Jeep and hit the road. We’re heading east, across Canada to Newfoundland and Labrador, and won’t head west again until the autumn leaves begin to turn, coming back to Vancouver around October 15. Time for an adventure, some silence, and a chance to play with the light while camping for two and a half months.


I’m taking my Fuji XE 1, my Leica M (240), and a couple lenses for each, some filters, a tripod, and my iPhone. Not much of a packing list, I’m afraid. It’s funny how my approach has changed over the years, and while there will be times when I travel with a tonne of gear again, like the Polar Bear trip in November, this is not one of those trips. I can put it all into a small GuraGear Bataflae bag that weighs half what my usual load is.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be here once in a while with stories and photographs from the road, as well as writing on the new Beautiful Anarchy blog and on Instagram. I’ll try not to overwhelm you with road trip photographs of Emily, the Jeep, but this trip has been a long, long time coming. I’ll try to get it out of my system quickly, but I’m not guaranteeing anything. :-)


Look for something about once a week here, including the September 10 launch of How To Feed a Starving Artist, A Financial Field Guide for Creatives, Solopreneurs, and Other Anarchists, which I’m chomping at the bit to get out into the world because the freedom I’ve found in recovering from profound financial mismanagement has been one of the greatest freedoms of my life, allowing me to do the work I love, see this whole vast earth that I love, and help others do the same. I hope the same for everyone, and How To Feed a Starving Artist is my way of talking about money with people who really, really, don’t like talking about money, but need to. It’ll only be $10, because I hate the idea of soaking people that want to learn about this stuff, and it’ll be available as a PDF or Kindle version.

See you on the road!

Jun 29th


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The Adventure Resumes

  It’s been a weird few months. After an incredible adventure in January and February – Lalibela, Ethiopia, then Kenya’s Maasai Mara, then diving in Zanzibar – I came home to (yet another) foot surgery and (yet another) recovery, one I didn’t write much about because I’m getting a little self-conscious about just how many […]

May 4th


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Issue 7 of PHOTOGRAPH, the Craft & Vision digital magazine for creative photographers is now out, and it’s stunning! I know, I’m easily excited but the team has done a really beautiful job. Portfolios from David Baker (you have to see his Sea Fever work, it’s gorgeous!) Michelle Morris Denniston (she’s on the cover) Mitchell […]

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